October 12, 2011

Big Bend TX Wedding Photographer | Erin and Daniel



megan noonan : 07:47 October 14, 2011 Reply
Love the tats! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!
Marianne Taylor : 09:24 October 14, 2011 Reply
They are so very cool. And what a gorgeous setting for a wedding!
James Murphy : 09:44 October 14, 2011 Reply
Looks like a beautiful spot for a wedding. Nice work.
francis joseph : 10:47 October 14, 2011 Reply
I love these pictures....and I love Big Bend! Anyone who chooses to tie the knot there is awesome, in my book!
Caroline : 11:32 October 14, 2011 Reply
Wow! What an insanely stylish couple. Great photos!
Ben Massey : 12:47 October 14, 2011 Reply
You have a great style. Lovely images!
Alan Langley | Kent Wedding Photographers : 13:19 October 14, 2011 Reply
What a cool wedding.
Dennis Pike : 13:36 October 14, 2011 Reply
Well, all you've done here is left me wanting more. This looks like a great wedding with so much character. Awesome
Thomas Lester : 13:47 October 14, 2011 Reply
Nice tats!
Rhys : 15:04 October 14, 2011 Reply
I really like the last photo; the juxtaposition of her bouquet and the flowered tattoo on his hand is awesome.

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