What is your photographic background?
This is my fourth year owning my wedding photography business. While getting a photojournalism degree from The University of Texas, I assisted wedding photographers in Austin. Shortly after graduating I spent time in New York City assisting fashion and wedding photographers. I then returned to Texas to start my own business.

What are tintypes?
I’m so glad you asked! They are photographs created using the exact same process during the late 1800’s. Popular during the Civil War, they are a one of a kind photo created on metal. The process is very intricate and the final results are quite simply stunning. Tintype sessions are offered as a part of my wedding collections.

Do you travel for portraits and/or weddings?
Yes, I am available for both domestic and international weddings. To date I have photographed weddings in New York, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and of course all over Texas.

What is required to hold our date?
Your completed, signed contract, and a non-refundable retainer fee of $1000.

How long after the wedding will our photos be ready?
Every photo is important to me. To ensure the highest quality your completed gallery will be available online 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

How many photos will we receive?
Portrait sessions average 70 images and weddings average 400-500 images.

Do you bring back up gear?
Yes! Always! I make it standard to carry at least two camera bodies and three lenses.

What are high resolution digital negatives?
They are high quality digital files on disc. Along with your printing release, these allow you to make prints from any photo lab for personal use.