unique austin wedding
June 12, 2012

Austin Engagement Photography | Janet and Keith


unique austin weddingunique austin weddingunique austin weddingunique austin weddingunique austin weddingunique austin weddingunique austin wedding

Keith’s currently living in Cambodia and Janet lives in Houston. We had emailed a few times with ideas for their shoot when Janet suggested they would like to dress fancy, smoke cigars, and do fun things. Game on! Thanks Janet and Keith! I’m super excited about your wedding this summer. And special thanks to Veronica and Steph in Cambodia for being the magical connection.

Makeup: Laura Martinez

kristi wright : 11:40 June 12, 2012 Reply
Such a fun session. I love their style!
Sam : 15:28 June 12, 2012 Reply
CUTE CUTE CUTE! This session rocks!
Matty : 19:21 June 12, 2012 Reply
Sweet! So much fun :)
Alyssa Schroeder : 21:35 June 12, 2012 Reply
I love the first image and last especially. This is such a lovely session, so warm!
Elissa : 23:09 June 12, 2012 Reply
This couple looks so awesome... I kinda want to be their friend now :) I love the energy!
JESSIE CADENAS : 23:53 June 12, 2012 Reply
I love the contrast of the the setting and their style of clothing! Genius.
rahul : 08:28 June 13, 2012 Reply
very stylish!!!!! love the ones of them with a foot on the ball!
porter : 10:48 June 13, 2012 Reply
these are gorgeous! i LOVE how dressed up they are too, beautiful work heather!
Heather : 11:53 June 13, 2012 Reply
These are so incredibly glamorous!
Kyle : 12:03 June 13, 2012 Reply
What an incredibly stylish e-session! You rocked it!
Chris : 10:00 June 14, 2012 Reply
Awesome black and white conversions. Lovin the crop on No. 1 too!
Shanna : 16:27 June 14, 2012 Reply
Ah, so fun & pretty, Heather! I was going to say, based on this shoot, I bet their wedding will be so much fun!
Eduardo Suastegui : 11:43 June 15, 2012 Reply
Unique and fun. What more could you ask for?
Janet + Keith’s Engagement - Laura Martinez : 00:30 October 15, 2012 Reply
[...] and where captured doing really informal activities! Check out more of their playful photos HERE. I have only known this lovely couple for 3 months but I feel like I have known them for years! I [...]

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