July 9, 2010

summer camp 2010

personal work

liz davenport : 17:45 July 11, 2010 Reply
Those are wonderful pictures of Camp Tintype! My favorites are the donkey and the one of JC driving the "T".
    Heather Curiel : 14:34 July 13, 2010 Reply
    thanks, liz. the camp itself it the cooolest thing I have ever done! :)
Eric Tate : 21:47 July 14, 2010 Reply
What are you doing the fire and cauldron? Is that part of the tintype process? or is it laundry? :)
    Heather Curiel : 13:15 July 15, 2010 Reply
    we are heating collected mosquito infested rainwater to heat for our "shower". which really means self made shower by using a saucepan to pour cauldron water over yourself. coolest summer camp ever.

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