August 21, 2009

dustin + maya


so pretty, soo pretty


Veronica : 19:48 August 21, 2009 Reply
yayayayayayayayayaayay! Looks fabulous!
Christina Brosnan : 07:37 August 27, 2009 Reply
Stunning images. Are you using film?
    Heather Curiel : 11:11 August 27, 2009 Reply
    Hi Christina! I am using film. I used a mix of Fuji 400 ProH and Kodak 160VC. I love it!
Angie Rose : 14:21 August 28, 2009 Reply
These photos are so very lovely! My fiancée and I adore your artsy touch :) I hope we can find a photographer as good as you in our town!

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