November 15, 2009

Photo Booth! DeSouza!


The DeSouza family is one WONDERFUL, FUN, KIND, DANCING, family. Friday night Jeff celebrated with a big bash at his new bakery. THE best bread makers in Austin. Big thanks to Eric Doggett at the DogBlog. more photos to come! Happy Birthday, Jeff!

DeSouza Family

Kristin and Jeff


Esmer : 23:49 November 15, 2009 Reply
Me gusta todos sus fotos! I don't even think I spelled those words right.... but I like the style of the photos they look really old and kinda crinkly but I like them :)
Jeff : 08:27 November 16, 2009 Reply
AHHH! Heather! These are AMAZING! Let me know how to buy the prints when you're done? I can't wait to see the rest!

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