January 12, 2010

tweed ride austin 2010

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these are the photos from the most fantastic, magical bicycle experience. the austin tweed ride.
you dress up in fancy london olde style tweed and ride bikes through lovely austin during a lovely sunday afternoon. there was music, dancing, elegant pipes, dapper men, and fancy ladies… and the loveliest bicycles.

i’m doing this post in segments because there are too many fantastic people to edit this down… more later. stay tuned. tomorrow it’s black and white. you DO want to see the rest.

austin tweed ride 01

austin tweed ride 02

tweed ride austin 03

tweed ride austin 04

tweed ride austin 05

Lydia : 16:19 January 13, 2010 Reply
I've never heard of this Tweed Ride, but it is so magical to have a piece of the UK in Texas. I live in NY and do not think of Texas (or even Austin) as a place for such a thing. What's the history on this? And, smoking a pipe is just too fun!
    Heather Curiel : 17:22 January 13, 2010 Reply
    Hi Lydia. It was indeed very magical! There isn't a big UK culture here but the cycling community is HUGE. There are lots of fun rides that happen here all the time. We're really lucky to have warm enough weather to be riding in mid January. It was the first Austin tweed ride but the ride initially started in Boston or San Francisco or DC. Not sure but all the cool cities are picking it up. :) http://bostontweed.blogspot.com/ http://sftweed.com/

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